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Lost or Stolen Medals and Awards

Medal Locator is a website for both amateur and keen historians interested in British military medals.  We also provide a service as a reference point for all lost and stolen medals.

Helping both new or veteran collectors and members of the public, we hope to give intellectual pleasure to those interested in browsing our pages.  Medals are won by brave and memorable soldiers – it is our pleasure to help those who looking for lost or stolen medals by use of our database.  All we require is that the form on our website, is completed as much as possible.

Last updated on:
22 February, 2024

Our aim is to help you find the wonderful heirloom which should be passed down from one generation to the next – medals won by family members. They are valuable and precious; our database can help facilitate a potential location as the medal could be listed.

Each medal will have a description and we liaise with reputable sources. Our purpose is to ensure that all medals should be available and we enclose a description, dependent upon accessible research.

We hope that you will enjoy reading through the site and we are here to help you if further elaboration is required.

If you would like more information, please email or alternatively if you have lost or stolen medals (no time limit) please complete our form. Your precious medal may be on our database.

Please note we do not charge for this service.  Thank you

Not sure of the medal name?

If it is a war medal, click on the tool bar Medals Directory at top of the home page and browse on a date range to narrow your search for the medal.