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    Medals listed on this website are shown word for word to what the client provides, please pay particularly attention to the spelling of the name and service number on the medal you are wanting to list, for example if you know the name is spelt wrong, or the service number shows a mistake to what should have been engraved, then that is the information you should show when filling out the form, otherwise write the details as shown on service papers or enter what you believe to be right if you are unsure.

    Only one named medal recipient per form.

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    Your phone number is only used should we not receive any reply from you within 28 days from date of first email sent to you. The email sent would be advising of any information we have received in connection with your Lost and Stolen medals, as well as your contact number, you can list other name/numbers if you wish.

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    Each Police Force have different ways providing their crime reference, be sure you are correct what you are listing.

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