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  • Date Instituted

  • 1842

  • Campaign

  • First Anglo Chinese War 1841-42

  • Obverse

  • Young head of Queen Victoria with the legend ‘VICTORIA REGINA’

  • Reverse

  • Coat of Royal Arms and shield with the inscription round edge ‘ARMIS

    EXPOSCERE PACIM’and the word ‘CHINA’ below.

  • Size

  • 36 mm

  • Metal

  • Silver

  • Naming

  • Bold block capital letters

  • Clasps

  • None

  • Approx. Medals issued Comments

  • It should be noted that many recipients already in possession of this medal may not have admitted to it and received the Second China War Medal with the appropriate clasps. There has been talk amongst collectors that the Second China War Medal may have in fact been issued to those who had already been awarded the first medal